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6 comments on “50 Knitting Tips

  1. Thank you so much for sending me the 50 Knitting Tips. I must say I think it looks very interesting and informative and I’m sure I will gain from it considerately. Also looking forward to your newsletter.
    Kind regards and I really appreciate your quick service.
    Audrey B Doughty.

  2. Great tips! here is another one. Use a clean 1 litre plastic bottle. Remove the cap, cut the bottom off and keep. Line the cut/raw edges with masking tape to protect the wool. Insert your ball of wool with the end coming out of the top. Replace the bottom over the base. Place in a bottle bag from your supermarket. Waitrose have a lovely bottle bag that takes 6 bottles but collapses to take 3, so you can use the space for knitting patterns etc. Now you are safe with your kittens playing all over the house.

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