Attaching a sleeve

This video demonstrates how to sew a perfect seam when the flow of the knitting is at right-angles. You would do this to attach a sleeve to the body for example.

I fully intend to demonstrate this on a video of my own in the near future when I have a garment that needs piecing together. In the meantime here’s a knitting designer named Melissa Matthay demonstrating the technique.

It is a little fast and I think a close-up would make it clearer. And there are advertisements in the video which I really don’t like! However – enjoy!

See the video here:

Unfortunately Melissa passed away a year or so ago and her websites are no longer available.

Then I found another video from Diana Sullivan showing how to join raglan sleeves to the body pieces. Diana is a machine knitter but exactly the same principles apply with hand-knitted pieces.

See Diana’s video here:

Happy Knitting