Knitting to save lives…

In the UK we have a blood transfusion service that takes blood from donors to use where needed in emergencies and during operations.

This is a vital service and they are always looking for new volunteers to donate blood.

They are looking for enthusiastic knitters to help raise awareness of blood donation for a donor recruitment campaign they’ll be running in February 2014. And they’re asking for people like us to knit blood drops of varying sizes to form part of the national campaign.

They require 7,000 units of blood to meet hospital demand, and with only 4% of the eligible population giving blood you can appreciate the need to recruit new donors.

Let’s see what we can do to help!

Here’s a short video showing my first “blood drop”:

Check out the Granny Willis patterns and get knitting.

2D medium blood droplet
2D small blood droplet
3D large blood droplet
3D medium blood droplet
3D small blood droplet

When you’ve completed your knitting let me know and I’ll find out where we’re to send them.


12 comments on “Knitting to save lives…

  1. Thanks for this information. Sounds like a wonderful idea. Sorry but probably won’t be able to do any knitting before Christmas as I’m busy finishing Christmas presents, but I’ll try afterwards. Love your blood droplet and thanks for the tips as I also sew up mattress seams. Best wishes and all the best for Christmas. June

    • Hi Yvette

      Thanks for all your hard work – it’s much appreciated.

      They haven’t let me know where to send the completed drops yet but you can always send them to me if you wish and I’ll send them all on when I get the address. I’ll email you my address.

      Thanks again

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