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As a way to say “Thank you” for being on my list I’m offering you a 50% discount on the “Ultimate Knitting Package” of all my products.

That’s my Learn to Knit DVD, the Knitting101 ebook and the Intarsia101 DVD, all bundled together at 50% off the normal price!

PLUS when you order today you get the pattern for my knitting needle case totally Free!


With the Ultimate Knitting Package You Will…
Learn How To Knit, How To Read Knitting Patterns, How To Knit Multi-Color Intarsia Pictures, and Much, Much More…

Knitting is the ideal hobby

  • Knitting is sociable – you can always knit while chatting to friends
  • Knitting is useful – you end up with useful garments like jumpers, hats and scarves
  • Knitting is totally portable – just pick up your knitting bag and take it anywhere. Knit while waiting – for a bus, at the surgery, in hospital. Knit while travelling. Knit on holiday. Knit anywhere!
  • Knitting is economical – you can save hundreds of pounds, dollars or euros by knitting your own ‘designer’ garments.
  • Knitting is very satisfying – the pleasure of having a completed garment you’ve made yourself is without parallel.
  • And knitting is even becoming trendy! Celebrity knitters include Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Madonna and even Russell Crowe

And it’s very quick and easy to learn all the basic knitting secrets with “The Ultimate Knitting Package”

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So What’s in The Ultimate Knitting Package?

Firstly, you get the very popular “Learn to Knit” DVD

In this DVD you get to watch over my shoulder as I teach you all the basic knitting skills and you create a lovely baby cardigan as you learn.

The Knitting Skills You Will Discover on
“Learn to Knit”:

Learn to Knit DVD

  • Casting on with one needle
  • Chain cast on (with 2 needles)
  • Knitting
  • Purling
  • Garter stitch
  • Stocking stitch
  • Increasing
  • Decreasing
  • Casting (binding) off
  • Ribbing
  • Cables
  • Joining in new yarn
  • Making buttonholes…
  • …and more

Each different technique is introduced clearly and simply with video showing exactly how to do it. Each skill is demonstrated slowly and carefully with a full spoken explanation too.

These knitting skills are not taught in a vacuum but as part of a project to knit a lovely baby’s cardigan. The DVD comes with a Free Pattern for the cardigan and includes explanations of commonly used abbreviations.

And if you don’t happen to have a baby or know of anyone with a baby don’t let your work go to waste – your local premature baby unit would certainly love to receive any such gifts.

Buy the Ultimate Knitting Package now with full money back guarantee


Together with…

Along with the Learn to Knit DVD you also get immediate access to “Knitting101 — Everything You Need to Know About Knitting”.

For those who prefer to read the instructions and see still pictures it’s all here in Knitting101 including how to read knitting patterns so they make sense.

Knitting101 cover

This ebook takes you from the very beginning and shows you all the skills and techniques you need to start to knit your own fabulous hats, scarves, socks and sweaters – or anything else you want to create with knitting.

What’s in the book?

  • Clear instructions with pictures so you can discover how to knit quickly and easily
  • All the basic knitting skills are covered:
    • How to cast on (three different ways)
    • Making the knit stitch
    • Making the purl stitch
    • How to cast off (bind off)
    • How to increase and decrease in order to shape your knitting
  • Knitting textures
  • Free patterns so you can practise your new skills

But that’s not all…

The book also covers

  • A brief history of knitting
  • The tools and yarn you’ll need to start knitting
  • A whole section on how to read knitting patterns
  • Over 50 tips from experienced knitters to help you avoid mistakes and frustrations

And when you’re more experienced, there are sections on…

  • Aran knitting
  • Lace knitting
  • Stranded knitting
  • Intarsia knitting

Buy the Ultimate Knitting Package now with full money back guarantee

And that’s not all…

You also get my “Intarsia101” Knitting DVD

When you’re confident with the basics you can try your hand at simple intarsia knitting. It really is very straightforward and the end results look stunning.

This step by step DVD course takes you by the hand and teaches you intarsia knitting.

Intarsia101 DVD
The Knitting Skills You Will Discover on “Intarsia101”

  • Create your own designs
  • Create designs from pictures
  • Work out how much yarn you need
  • Winding butterfly bobbins
  • Joining new colors with no holes
  • Crossing over colors at joins
  • Finishing off the ends
  • Repairing holes if necessary

Buy the Ultimate Knitting Package now with full money back guarantee

And now you can get all three at HALF PRICE

The Learn to Knit DVD is normally $27
Knitting101 is normally $19.95
Intarsia Knitting101 DVD is normally $27

That’s a total of $73.95, but you won’t have to pay $73.95. As a special deal to say “Thank you” for being a subscriber of mine I’m offering the Ultimate Knitting Package at just $37 (plus $3 post and packing wherever you are in the world).

Buy the Ultimate Knitting Package now with full money back guarantee

And as a bonus…

Knitting roll
I’m also gifting you the pattern to make your very own knitting needle case to keep all your needles neat and organized (this is worth $10).

Full money back guarantee.

If you don’t feel “The Ultimate Knitting Package” can teach you how to knit and create beautiful Intarsia designs, then you can return both DVDs within 30 days for a full and courteous refund. And you even get to keep the Knitting101 ebook!

Here’s to all your new knitting skills

Penny Dablin

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