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Thank you for purchasing The Ultimate Knitting Package I hope you get a lot of pleasure from the products.

Your DVDs will be shipped to you from our fulfillment house within the next 7 days so keep an eye out for the mailman!

Both DVDs come with free patterns which need to be downloaded so for convenience you can download them from this page.

Download the baby’s cardigan to accompany “Learn to Knit” here: Baby Cardigan Pattern

Download the heart design hat pattern to accompany “Intarsia101” here: Heart Hat Pattern

Meanwhile you can download your Knitting101 book right here: Knitting101.pdf

Your Bonus
As a bonus you also receive the pattern to make a knitting needle case to keep all your needles (and other bits) neat and tidy. You can download the pattern here: Knitting Roll Pattern

Enjoy your knitting!