Patchwork Knitting Day

Spent yesterday at a Patchwork Knitting Day in Marlow Bottom organised by Jill Brownjohn of Crafty Events and led by Heather Murray ( and Rosie Sykes. Great fun and learned lots.

I have done patchwork knitting before but having not done any for several years I’d forgotten the nuances!

We focused on knitting patchwork pieces using Horst Schulz techniques. In particular we were knitting chevrons.

Patchwork chevrons
My Patchwork Chevrons

This was my sample piece. It’s actually a mitred square at the base with two chevron columns finished off with mitred triangles. The idea was to make up a pocket/bag with two identical sample pieces made like this and then joined together with a three-needle cast off!

I’m still working on the second half. And given my rather odd choices of colours, I’m not likely to finish this particular piece. But it’s given me the enthusiasm to design and make a chevron waistcoat in colours I might wear!

Knee rug of mitred squares
Knee rug of mitred squares

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