Patchwork Waistcoat Update

Finished the right front last night.

Waistcoat - right front

I’m particularly pleased with the shaping diagonal while keeping the chevron pattern correct. That took quite a bit of thinking and tinking! The first attempt was too dramatic a slope losing all the width in half the height.

Here I not only reduced the fourth stripe as I knitted it but I went back and unknitted the third stripe down to where the fourth stripe joined in and then reduced the third stripe to the top.

Right front decreasing detail


5 comments on “Patchwork Waistcoat Update

    • Hi Carlie

      It knits up much quicker than you might imagine. And because you’re knitting in narrow strips it seems to grow much faster. It probably took about a week to do the first front, and then 2 weeks to do the second front. The trouble is I have to fit the knitting in around work and domestic chores. If I could just focus on knitting then I could get the whole thing knitted in a week!

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